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This article introduces the most common features to take part in Faraland

1. Creating a Metamask Wallet

2. Connecting Metamask Wallet to Faraland

3. Why do you need Heroes and Items to play the game?

4. What to prepare for Faraland gameplay?

4.1. Preparing heroes

4.2. Items Standard

Section 1. Creating a Metamask Wallet

Currently, Metamask is one of the most popular crypto wallets on the market. Metamask wallet is just like any other electronic wallet, but instead of just storing currency it can also store other assets, which in Faraland’s case is Heroes and Items NFT.

Metamask Wallet is available on both PC and smartphone platforms.

How to create a Metamask Wallet on PC and smartphone

Please visit this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4tQ7PtIhiA and follow the guideline.

After creating a Metamask Wallet, you will need to add the Binance Smart Chain network to your wallet. For more detailed instructions, please visit the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4tQ7PtIhiA

  • Note: You must not share your 12 secrets code with anyone, and store them in a secure place at all times. Faraland will not be responsible if you lose your Metamask Wallet.

Section 2. Connecting Metamask Wallet to Faraland

Visit Faraland website at https://faraland.io/ and follow the instruction below.

+ Logging into your Metamask wallet

Follow these steps:

+ Connect your Metamask wallet with Faraland by following these instructions

Section 3. Why do you need Heroes and Items

- If you want to be eligible for Play-to-earn, you will need an NFT hero to do so.

- Unlike other Play-to-earn games, the amount of Faraland’s NFT hero is limited, this is to preserve the hero’s value and uniqueness while preventing an NFT inflation.

- Having an NFT hero means that you ảre in possessed one in 20,000 profitable unclonable crypto asset

- You and your hero will go head-to-head with many powerful opponents while exploring Faraland. For this reason, you need to equip your hero with powerful items that can help you overcome these challenges and received valuable treasure as a reward.

Section 4. What to prepare for Faraland gameplay?

4.1. Preparing heroes

Heroes are the playable character in Faraland and to this point, there are only 20,000 NFT heroes available. Each hero will possess a different and unique identity and strength based on the following factors.

+ Race: Faraland currently has seven races with the increasing rarity in the following order:

+ Stat: Each Hero has 4 main stats: Strength (STR), Agility (AGI), Intelligence (INT), and Luck (LUK). The higher the stats, the stronger the hero

+ Body parts: A hero has a minimum of four and a maximum of six traits. The rarity of each trait increase in the following order:

Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Epic -> Legendary -> Mythical

How to buy heroes?

+ Go to Faraland’s official website and select the hero tab or visit the following link https://faraland.io/marketplace to purchase a hero from another player.

+ Select the hero that suits your style

+ Click on “Buy now” to instantly purchase the hero or make an offer to bargain with the seller.

Team preparation

In Faraland, a squad can vary from one to three heroes in the single PvE mode (Fight with monsters) and you will need three heroes to compete in PvP Arena mode ( Fight with other players). The more heroes you owned, the more you get to experience the gameplay and increase your chance to win more rewards. Here are some characteristics of each race, you can consult and select the most suitable heroes for your squad.

Human: Faraland’s most common race, although possessing weaker Stats than other races, Human race has the most flexibility when it comes to gameplay.

Orcs: Strong, muscular, and ruthless race. Orcs have superior Health, Physical Defense, and Physical Damage, making it a perfect vanguard and shield other lower health units behind.

Elf: Elf can move very fast thanks to the high Agility stat, which has always made Elves a top favorite race in Faraland. They are also known for their amazing bow skills — a dominant characteristic of Elves.

Fairy: Despite their small size, the power of a Fairy cannot be underestimated, they have the highest Intelligence (INT) stat in all races, which are extremely suitable for the mage position in the team.

Dragonborn: Only 1% of the total Hero is Dragonborn, they have incredible Strength (STR) and Intelligence (INT) stats in Faraland. It can be said that the Dragonborn is a perfect race for both attack and defense duty, an all-rounder.

Angel and Demon: The two most powerful forces of Faraland, just owning one of them, you can confidently face the most difficult challenges.

4.2. Preparing Items

Items can increase the strength and change the appearance of heroes. Item will make the hero stronger to go against the dark forces that are waiting for you in the journey.

The rarity of Items is also divided into six levels, they rank in the following order:

Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Epic -> Legendary -> Mythical

The rarer the equipment, the more powerful it is.

Equipment is also an NFT just like the Hero. You can now buy/sell, trade, and upgrade NFT Items.

There are currently two ways to get Items: Purchase them directly from other players on the Marketplace or randomly open those items with Gacha.

How to buy items from other players:

You can use FARA token to buy Items from other players by visiting the Items section on the homepage or visit https://faraland.io/equipment

How to use Gacha to exchange FARA to Items

Use the Gacha feature on the homepage or visit https://faraland.io/gacha and exchange 5 Fara for 1 random item.

Preparing Item:

Here are some aspects you can refer to in the process of choosing to buy equipment:

Equipment set: Equipment usually comes in sets, when a Hero is equipped with a full set, extra stats will be added.

Close-range and long-range weapons: Some weapons are used in close combat like Sword, Spear, Ax, which are suitable for frontline classes. Ranged weapons like Bows are suitable for backline units.

Equip with physical and magical power: the weapon of a set will determine the purpose of that set of Equipment. For example, weapons that focus on enhancing Physical Damage are suitable for character classes that favor direct attacks such as Archers, Gladiators, etc. Meanwhile, weapons that increase magical damage are more suitable for classes like Mage, Summoner, etc.

*Equipment requirements: Some equipment is only available for some races, you need to pay close attention to the equipment requirement


To buy equipment or use the Gacha feature, you need to have enough FARA in your wallet. You can buy Fara Tokens by clicking “BUY FARA” on the homepage https://faraland.io/ or visit https://pancakeswap.finance/swap#/swap?outputCurrency=0xf4ed363144981d3a65f42e7d0dc54ff9eef559a1

You can find out how to use PancakeSwap here: https://coinsgrey.com/cach-mua-token-tren-pancakeswap-bang-metamask

Faraland’s ONLY contract: 0xF4Ed363144981D3A65f42e7D0DC54FF9EEf559A1

What is Faraland

Faraland is a role-playing strategy wargame for Android and iOS, developed on blockchain by MoonKnight Labs, a company based in Vietnam. The players control the characters of 7 races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons — each with different abilities, strengths, intelligence, and agility, to fight with other players in a universe called Faraland. The game will be released in Q4 2021, and the NFT heroes sale will be launched on May 29, 2021.

Faraland is an innovation project combining NFT technology and gaming experience. Not only are all exquisitely digital collectibles created using blockchain technology, but all NFT in Faraland can also be integrated into Faraland games later, which will help them increase the value. NFT is the soul of this project. Each Hero, NFT of Faraland, is unique. Each collectible is matchless, genuine, and varies in rarity. Faraland Universe has many different races like human, orc, angel, demon, Dragonborn, elf, and fairy, awaiting the users to discover.

Faraland is different compared to other NFT projects where NFT is solely used for collection. With many exciting gaming activities, Faraland’s users can use their NFT heroes in many unique ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or shining armors to engaging them in various thrilling battles. It’s a solid and exciting game with a fundamental and engaging storyline. We also focus on the “play to earn” mechanism, making Faraland far beyond a regular game. A variety of options are also available for users, including reinvesting in the game, making your heroes stronger, or cashing out. Our vision is to make Faraland a “dream job” by providing players worldwide opportunities to generate regular income from the project.

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FARALAND is a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets players own a thousand of unique NFT warriors.