Countdown: Only 1 day left to NFT Heroes Sale Date

The hottest event for the blockchain gaming community and cryptocurrency investors announced: Faraland is launching NFT heroes sale on May 29, 2021, 14:00 UTC. Don’t miss this opportunity to own Faraland’s NFT heroes — a chance to become a winner on the game battlefields and Crypto exchanges.

How to own an NFT hero?

With only 0.5 BNB and a Metamask Wallet, Trust Wallet, or any e-wallet supporting WalletConnect linking to the payment gateway at, you can easily own an NFT hero, ready to join the Great War in the world of blockchain gaming.

Please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Access website through desktop browsers or dapp browser. Example: metamask dapp, trust wallet, safepal wallet, … For referral:

  • You can download metamask app on:

-Apple store:

-Google play:

  • You can download trust wallet on:

-Apple store (but they don’t have the app browser):

-Google play:

  • You can download safepal wallet on:

- Apple store:

- Google play:

Step 2: Connect your wallet through metamask or wallet browser. After connecting, you will see your BNB, FARA token balance and your wallet address at the top right corner.

Step 3: Summon Heroes with simple steps:

  • Go to the homepage of
  • Click [SUMMON HERO] button
  • Enter the amount of heroes you want to buy (Or you can use the slide bar to adjust the amount). Please note that: due to the gas limit in BSC, we will limit summoning maximum 50 heroes at 1 time. You can summon as many times as you want
  • Click [CHECKOUT] button
  • Confirm in your wallet
  • Wait for the transaction to be mined

Done! You already summoned successfully your heroes

Step 4: You can check your heroes detail by clicking [My wallet] menu on header

Note: You can see our video guide for NFT sale on this link:

A player receives one random NFT hero from one of the seven races with the following proportions:

Humans (50%), Orcs (24.6%), Elves (20%), Fairies (4%), Dragon Warriors (1%) Angels (0.2%), Demons (0.2%).

NFT heroes will have different attributes such as:

  • Strength: Increase Physical Damage + HP + Physical Defense
  • Agi (Agility): Increase attack speed + Movement speed on the map + Dodge
  • Intelligence: Increase Magic Damage + Accuracy + Magic Defense
  • Luck: Increase Critical Strike Chance

Owning a Faraland’s NFT hero — a chance to become a winner on the game’s battlefields and Crypto exchanges

Faraland is a role-playing strategy wargame for Android and iOS, developed on blockchain by MoonKnight Labs. The players control characters of 7 races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels and Demons — each with different abilities and skills, to fight with other players in a universe called Faraland.

Owning NFT heroes allows users to participate in the game’s activities, from acquiring more weapons and armors, learning new skills, boosting combat stats and participating in intense strategic battles.

With the NFT heroes’ scarcity of only 20,000 NFT, Faraland is also a great investment opportunity. Your NFT character is unique, and limited in number. When the game develops further, there will certainly be a great demand for NFT Heroes and you can make a good profit from selling them. It will be even more profitable if you are lucky enough to own rare races such as Dragons, Angels, Demons.

What is Faraland

Faraland is an innovation project combining NFT technology and gaming experience. Not only are all exquisitely digital collectibles created using blockchain technology, but all NFT in Faraland can also be integrated into Faraland games later, which will help them increase the value. NFT is the soul of this project. Each Hero NFT of Faraland is unique Each collectible is matchless, genuine, and varies in rarity. Faraland Universe has many different races like human, orc, angel, demon, Dragonborn, elf, and fairy, awaiting for the users to discover.

Faraland is different compared to other NFT projects where NFT is solely used for collection With many exciting gaming activities, Faraland’s users can use their NFT heroes in many unique ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or shining armors to engaging them in various thrilling battles. It’s a solid and exciting game with a fundamental and engaging storyline. We also focus on the “play to earn” mechanism, which makes Faraland far beyond a regular game. A variety of options are also available for users including reinvesting in the game, making your heroes stronger or cashing out. Our vision is to make Faraland a “dream job” by providing players around the world opportunities to generate regular income from the project

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FARALAND is a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets players own a thousand of unique NFT warriors.

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FARALAND is a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets players own a thousand of unique NFT warriors.

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