Countdown: Only 12 hour left to NFT Heroes Sale Time

Example: metamask dapp, trust wallet, safepal wallet, … For referral:

  • You can download metamask app on:
  • You can download trust wallet on:
  • You can download safepal wallet on:
  • Go to the homepage of
  • Click [SUMMON HERO] button
  • Enter the amount of heroes you want to buy (Or you can use the slide bar to adjust the amount). Please note that: due to the gas limit in BSC, we will limit summoning maximum 50 heroes at 1 time. You can summon as many times as you want
  • Click [CHECKOUT] button
  • Confirm in your wallet
  • Wait for the transaction to be mined
  • Strength: Increase Physical Damage + HP + Physical Defense
  • Agi (Agility): Increase attack speed + Movement speed on the map + Dodge
  • Intelligence: Increase Magic Damage + Accuracy + Magic Defense
  • Luck: Increase Critical Strike Chance

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