Faraland Mystery Boxes — Rules Introduction!!!!

Faraland Mystery Boxes on the Binance NFT Marketplace launching on August 17th, 11.00 AM UTC. Maybe you don't know: Users are limited to purchasing 25 boxes in total. Read this article to know everything about the Mystery Box on Binance NFT.

Rules Introduction

1. There will be 10081 Mystery Boxes on sale, including 300 boxes reserved for the community. Every user can only buy a maximum of 25 boxes.

2. In Every MysterBox, you will find equipment. As a Turn base Strategy RPG, Equipment is a significant factor in Faraland. You can use this equipment to equip your hero, make them strong and discover the faraland world. In addition, community collectors can receive a special reward in-game later as they collect different rarity of the mystery boxes.

3. Exclusively for Binance NFT Launch, Faraland will release 21 special Binancian Equipment Sets in SSR and SR boxes only available on Binance Mystery Box and value for even collection purposes and gaming feature later.

4. Important note that: After purchase and trade NFT in Binance Mystery Box, to get the BEP-1155 equipment, users will have to send that NFT to our deployer Smart Contract address

(Users will have a maximum of 2 weeks after Mystery Boxes sold out to send. The deadline is 3rd September 2021 at 11 AM UTC. Those who do not spend it until this deadline loses the purchased equipment in the Mystery box. Right after that, we will announce the result file. You will have 24h to check again and respond to us if there is any missing or mistake. The deadline is 3rd September 2021 11 AM UTC).

There are 3 the steps to implement that:

+ Step 1: Send NFT equipment from the Binance account wallet to your personal BSC (BEP20) wallet. (This one will be supported by Binance exchange)

+ Step 2: Send NFT equipment from your personal BSC wallet (BEP20) to SC deployer (We will announce the very detailed guide right after launching Binance Mystery Box)

+ Step 3: Submit this form. The link will update later.

Deployer will airdrop NFT to user wallets within 24 hours after 2 weeks duration of collecting txs and 1 day to recheck (we will airdrop NFT to user wallets before 5th September 2021 11 AM UTC)

❗️ Don’t have a Binance Account to purchase Mystery Boxes?

If you‘re new to Binance, you can get started in 4 quick and easy steps:

⭐️Users do not need to complete identity verification to trade NFTs.

Instead, ⭐️ Open a Binance account to begin buying and selling NFTs on the NFT Marketplace.

Product Description

Faraland is a role-playing strategy wargame for Android and iOS, developed on blockchain by MoonKnight Labs. The players control the characters of 7 races: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels, and Demons — each with different abilities, strengths, intelligence, and agility, to fight with other players in a universe called Faraland.

The game will be released in Q4 2021. After 14 days of sale — May 29, 2021, 20,000 NFTs — the “unique” heroes, the Faraland game project's soul, have been fully owned by the fan community. Faraland is an innovation project combining NFT technology and gaming experience.

With many exciting gaming activities, Faraland’s users can use their NFT heroes in many unique ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or shining armors to engaging them in various thrilling battles. It’s a solid and exciting game with a fundamental and engaging storyline.

The collection includes 3 options — including full armor, weapons for heroes. These NFTs are unique, which will make their public debut in the Faraland game. The mystery box will contain brand new, unique NFT. It will be available in 3 qualities: R, SR & SSR. These equipment NFTs can only be attained through Binance Mystery boxes! Staked and burn them on the Faraland ecosystem in exchange for Fara!

Stay tuned for our upcoming news and application information!!!

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FARALAND is a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets players own a thousand of unique NFT warriors.