2 min readMay 10, 2021

Faraland is a delight to announce our new strategic advisor JON REN!!

Jon Ren is a private investment firm focused exclusively on blockchain-enabled projects in the De-Fi and multi-chain future. Jon was also chosen to act as the Growth Advisor for dVIX Protocol — a family of decentralized volatility indexes optimized for De-Fi (, as well as a Strategic Advisor for Showcase ( — a social-media mobile application that empowers micro-influencers through NFT badges which connects both influencers and fans.

In addition, he was selected as the Lead marketer for token sale for Step Finance (, a De-Fi one-stop platform that visualizes, analyses, and aggregates multiple smart contracts across all Solana contracts.

He helmed Step Finance’s marketing and drove it to become one of the largest launches in the Solana ecosystem — gaining approximately $110 million in liquidity in just two days. Currently, it is listed on FTX and the raise was supported by a number of notable backers such as Alameda Research, Raydium, 3 Commas Capital, One Block, Solidity Ventures, PetRock Capital, and other investors within the Solana Ecosystem.

Being a huge gamer at heart, Jon Ren is extremely passionate about growing Faraland in the Asia Pacific region.

“To me, I grew up playing various RPG games and these games brought me immense joy during my childhood. With Moon Knight Labs and their robust team of senior blockchain developers and visual artists, I am very confident that Faraland will be a success and bridge blockchain to traditional gaming apps. I look forward to the launch of Faraland as it serves to be a game-changer in revolutionising the mobile game industry. ” — Jon Ren

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