Faraland team is pleased to announce the addition of TribeOne to our list partnership. TribeOne is an AI-Powered NFT and DeFi funding Platform, backed by RAROC (Risk-adjusted return on crypto) technology. This successful partnership will give Faraland to expand its community of favorites NFT collection platform. Users will be able to get a loan to purchase their favorite NFTs through a reliable marketplace.

After this integration

TribeOne’s users will now have access to Faraland’s NFT marketplace that has extraordinary NFTs gaming heroes lined up. TribeOne will provide users loans to purchase NFTs, which are worth the value spent but with a notable shift into the gaming world.

This partnership aims to mutually benefit Faraland’s users, where the wider enthusiastic gaming and NFT community will have access to TribeOne’s NFT loans that will allow them to purchase their favorite NFT gaming heroes.

“Faraland is an exceptional platform that has a brilliant game story to keep users intact for the long run. TribeOne believes that associating with Faraland would enhance the potential of the NFT marketplace for our users.”

- Mehdi Suleman, Founder and CEO of TribeOne.

“The growth of Defi and NFT brings many opportunities as well as challenges. By lowering entry barriers, improving accessibility, and ensuring maximum usage for all market participants on a large scale, the TribeOne ecosystem can push for mass adoption of DeFi. TribeOne with innovative ideas can help elevate Faraland expand influence to crypto users.”

  • Alfred, CEO of Faraland.

About TribeOne

TribeOne is the world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology. TribeOne is extensively an NFT, lending, borrowing, saving, and credit risk platform that offers a seamless experience; to the users through its innovative consumer-centric products. The platform will break barriers in the traditional financial ecosystem and revolutionize the DeFi sphere as a whole. Providing the community with a platform to lend, borrow and invest in crypto assets and NFTs. Therefore, offering an unconventional experience for all.

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About Faraland

Faraland is an innovation project combining NFT technology and gaming experience. Not only are all exquisitely digital collectibles created using blockchain technology, but all NFT in Faraland can also be integrated into Faraland games later, which will help them increase the value. NFT is the soul of this project. Each Hero NFT of Faraland is unique Each collectible is matchless, genuine, and varies in rarity. Faraland Universe has many different races like human, orc, angel, demon, Dragonborn, elf, and fairy, awaiting for the users to discover.

Faraland is different compared to other NFT projects where NFT is solely used for collection With many exciting gaming activities, Faraland’s users can use their NFT heroes in many unique ways, from equipping them with powerful weapons or shining armors to engaging them in various thrilling battles. It’s a solid and exciting game with a fundamental and engaging storyline. We also focus on the “play to earn” mechanism, which makes Faraland far beyond a regular game. A variety of options are also available for users including reinvesting in the game, making your heroes stronger or cashing out. Our vision is to make Faraland a “dream job” by providing players around the world opportunities to generate regular income from the project.

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FARALAND is a multiplayer RPG NFT GAME that lets players own a thousand of unique NFT warriors.