[Recap] AMA with My DeFi Pet— July 15th, 2021

On July 15, My Defi Pet conducted an AMA in My Defi Pet Official, the AMA was held with Mr. Son Ho — Project Manager from Faraland.
The AMA session took place over the My Defi Pet Official community on Telegram where Mr.Son Ho discussed several amazing facts about Faraland as well as our project’s future.

Q1: In addition to fighting monsters (boss), does the game set up for users to PK each other?

Answer — Besides the PvE system where players take on quests & fight mobs as the story progresses, of course you can join in PvP battles. In fact, that’s a really important part of our ‘Play-to-earn’ mechanism where you can make your income on a frequent basis.

Whenever you win, your hero floor price will increase, and that goes the opposite ways when you lose. As for how much it will increase/decrease, we’ll announce this once the full PvP feature comes out. If you win a certain number of battles, you will then get more $FARA. We’ll hold tournaments as well so that players can take part in and earn other rewards which will benefit them a lot

Another thing, besides PvE and PvP system, you can have Co-op battles where you and others can join the PvE system together.

Q3: What is the development direction of the company and do you have a further future?

Answer — Our vision is to make Faraland a world where players can create income like they’re working. The concept, role, story & system will be expanded as the game grows as well so that players can have many choices of how to make their income.

As Faraland is a game that makes the most out of NFT — a factor that is able to be moved from one game to another instead of staying in just one game, we and other games (such as My Defi Pet) will join together to create a Metaverse for this to happen.

In the near future, we’re focusing on our main game and features which are going in accordance with the roadmap, throughout 2021 and 2022.

Q4: When does the game release a roadmap so that players can grasp the development of the game and have more belief in the NFT trend?

Answer — We’re currently following our roadmap published on our website https://faraland.io. Accordingly, our main game and other features will be released step-by-step from now until 2022 so players can start building their characters & take on missions throughout the storyline.

Q5: Can MDP and Faraland cross over in the future?

Answer — That’s a good question. The first thing we’re likely to see is the cross world events between two games.

And as I’ve said, one of the best things about NFTs is that they are movable from one platform to another, which means we can buy items in one game, and use it in another game (as long as the development system fits). Faraland and My Defi Pet plan on creating a Metaverse to join hands together & create even more amazing game content for players, instead of stopping in one single blockchain game.

Q6: What makes you different from other games and what do we expect from you?

Answer — We know that there are a lot of teams and competitors out there developing their NFT gaming projects. Faraland of course has our own standpoint:

- All crypto and non-crypto can participate in Faraland. For blockchain users, players can use $FARA to trade in exchange, trade NFT heroes or equipment in the marketplace. NFT Heroes will have more base stats than non NFT heroes and have some unique functions like floor price. For non-crypto players, they can enjoy the game with normal Hero (non NFT). With them, Faraland is just like other mobile games. They also can claim Fara token they earn from game activities to $FARA (crypto) and trade in exchange for money.

- Not many blockchain games have their own version on mobile because of Apple restriction. The main reason for this is that Apple does not accept money payment on apps. We have our own payment gateway and syncing between off-chain and on-chain to deploy our games in both IOS and Android apps, so users can experience the games On-chain in mobiles.

- We’re focusing on the “Play to earn” mechanism. People can buy heroes, equipment from in-game marketplace, then attack other players to earn rewards (FARA token). With $FARA, they can stake to increase their hero’s exp, upgrade equipment, try their luck in gacha-like equipment vending machines to earn the good equipment from the machines and make a fortune with it. For normal users, they can choose to play the ads on the mobile platform to earn $FARA as well.

- We also create an amazing storyline for each race and the big story for the war battles among 7 races. So players can experience the Faraland world with lots of activities.

Q7: How can this game survive in the future?? Where will you get the funds for the play 2 earn feature?

Answer — As for how to survive, of course we’ll actively keep on developing and expanding our in-game ecosystem, as well as reaching out to more players, approaching non-crypto gamers and introducing them to the NFT gaming world. Our mobile apps and the easy-to-play method will be a great foundation for this to happen.

The tokens you get in play-2-earn feature comes from our ecosystem fund. And remember, you’ll not only earn token, but in certain battles, you’ll get rewards as NFTs (such as equipment, skillbook, etc.) and you can sell them on the marketplace, or you can gain floor price to your character.

Q8: What do you think is the future of all NFT games, and what is its significance in shaping the world of gamers or our sense of living in general?

Answer — NFT Gaming space still has a lot of rooms to grow, this market has only been growing for the last few months. They will have better chances to access new funding, they will have a lot of cases to learn from the initiators as well.

However there will be more challenges as the market grows. It’s mostly about the ‘gaming’ part of the project. People will look at more factors before choosing one game such as the genre, the concept, the storyline, the art, besides the ‘play-to-earn’ integration. I think, game developers and blockchains developers should join hand, to see if they want to integrate blockchain, crypto & NFT on an existing game, or creating a whole new concept surrounding NFT Gaming features.

Q9: Given the competitiveness of the blockchain games, how confident is the team to keep or maintain the interest of gamers and prevent mass exodus when newer games with cheaper tokens come out? Do you expect the in-game tokens/NFTs to be valued so high that forming/acquiring one team would be very difficult for average individuals/gamers and would lead them to invest their time and money on newer games with cheaper tokens, similar to what happened to MDP being preferred by new gamers over Axie right now?

Answer — To purchase a hero in Faraland, you’ll need BNB instead of our native token, our native $FARA will be used for other purposes throughout the game (staking & leveling up for example). This means that in order to play, you don’t need to invest much money even if you’re a late-comer.

You can choose to put in your effort & do the right things to level up your characters & get stronger as well, instead of using $FARA. Of course, there’re factors when being an early-comer may gives you advantages so you may want to get in as soon as possible.

The way people choose the game, however, may based on other factors, not only token price such as gameplay, genre, story, concept. We’re building a familiar RPG world where any players can enjoy, so we’re totally not worried about that. And especially, games don’t need to compete which each other, NFT games can totally support each other due to cross-event.

Q10: Many are still doubting Faraland and other NFT games, is there any chance that this game will not push through even if the community or the players are increasing and broadening? Why?

Answer — We’ve got a great start with all of our 20,000 NFT heroes were sold with a price of $0.5 BNB each. Our marketplace has been generating a lot of volume on a daily basis, with total volume reaches 3,000 BNB. This means that we’ve got a lot of real players, as well as generate revenue to prove that this model is a success. We’re planning to reach the whole crypto market gaming, and after that, traditional gaming industry as well with our app coming this year. Thus in fact, I can confidently say that the chance for us to not be able to push through is almost zero.

Q11: Could you briefly explain the characteristics of each of the characters that are available in Faraland? (Angels, demons, orcs, humans, dragons, elves and fairies)

Answer — Each class has their own characteristics (for example, stats, and later on, abilities). You can read more info here: https://faraland.medium.com/lore-faraland-battle-of-crystal-2c47cd900ed2

There are lot class of NFT heroes and human are 50% of NFTs. But human class is not weak. We build human as the best class to cast effect skill, so when gameplay releases, you may want a human on your team actually. Due to random system, all the body parts like hair, eyes, nose, mouth have rare ratio also. The part have its own attributes so you can get a human with rare & stronger parts than others. For example, a human with Goku’s hair (from dragonball) will be much stronger than a character from other classes (the rate for Goku’s hair is only 0.03%).

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