[Recap] An AMA with My Defi Pet on Faraland's channel— July 13th, 2021

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My DeFi Pet is a game that brings the experience of traditional virtual pet games with a personalization element based on each player’s unique personality, combining with the DeFi features in the NFT collections. With the same goal to develop NFTs as the soul of the game, in the next phase, My DeFi Pet’s pets will be included in the expedition games of Faraland.


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  • Host: My Defi Pet has formed a partnership with Faraland. Along with the NFT gaming space's blooming in the last few months, both of our businesses and our token value have been growing exponentially. Today we’re holding this AMA to connect our communities and to let the audience know more about My Defi Pet, as well as the NFT gaming space.
  • Host: The format of our AMA will be as below:

— Section 1: Introductory questions from the host (me) to My Defi Pet team.

— Section 2: Twitter Q&A — Chosen questions from our Twitter post are answered by My Defi Pet team.

— Section 3: Live questions — Where you can ask live questions, and My Defi Pet team will answer 3–5 good questions they see fit.

Slow mode is enabled in this mode, so please send your question in 1 message only. Owners of good questions chosen by the team after the AMA ends will receive USDT rewards.

Joining the AMA today is John Nguyen — @John_Huy — CBO of My DeFi Pet.

  1. Section 1
  • Host: Hi Mr. John Nguyen, before we start getting into details of My Defi Pet, can you give us an introduction about your project?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: Thanks again, @sonho286 and Faraland community, for having me today. It’s my pleasure to be here. I’m John Huy Nguyen, the Chief Business Officer of My DeFi Pet. Brief introduction about My DeFi Pet, the name of the project speaks for itself. it consists of 3 pieces “My” — pet personalization, a feature that will be rolled out in the future to personalize your pet based on your real-life activities. “DeFi” — the game’s core features include Play2Earn and DeFi that will be integrated into the in-game content. It would change the way people play video games. Instead of pay to win, My DeFi Pet allows users to “Invest to Play to Earn.” last but not least, “Pet” — each pet in the game is an NFT that can be traded, staked, borrowed, or lend.
  • Host: I see that NFT Gaming has been blooming in the last few months. Thus many teams are building their NFT gaming projects as a trend. As one of the initiators in the NFT Gaming field, what makes My Defi Pet stand out from many recent and upcoming projects?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: All the progress that people see comes from the hard work of the solid and dedicated team of TopeBox — one of the best game developers in Vietnam and the incubator KardiaChain — a blockchain project focusing on interoperability having extensive experience in blockchain space. I’m very happy to work with such dedicated teams. The game My DeFi Pet is designed to have 3D rendering for the good-looking pets and surroundings that attract not only blockchain users but also gamers themselves. My DeFi Pet is not a game just for buying, breeding, and trading pets, but it is a blockchain game that would have many upcoming in-depth in-game contents with Play2Earn features integrated. On the blockchain side, My DeFi Pet is built on BSC and KardiaChain, which have extremely low transaction costs allowing users to have a smooth experience enjoying the game with blockchain transactions. Looking at the current progress of the project, we are proud of the accomplishments:

— There are more than 1 million pets being bought in the BSC network

— My DeFi Pet becomes the top 20 finalists in the MVBII program from Binance. Of course, with Faraland …

  • Host: What do you think about the potential of the partnership between My Defi Pet and Faraland? From the partnership, what can we bring to our audience in the future?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: As we are building the game, our vision does not stop here as a single blockchain game. The partnership with Faraland is one of the first to expand the metaverse of blockchain games. What we would see in the future is the cross-world events between two games. And who knows, we can bring the NFT of one game to play on another …

2. Section 2: Twitter Q&A

  • Q1: It is unfortunate that some projects remain halfway because their developers abandon the concept because they cannot achieve the desired capitalization in the long term; how do you plan to make this project sustainable for its development?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: Very good question. This information is very much needed to evaluate a project—brief background about our team. Our team consists of members that have experience in real-world businesses that are familiar with lean practices, agile, and scale-up. When we started the project and raised $1M from our private and public rounds, we applied lean practices that allow us to have enough funding to run the project. Unexpectedly, our pet sales increased rapidly in the last 2 months, with more than 1,000,000 pets sold with the price of 3 DPET tokens each. With that revenue, we currently have enough funding to continue the development for at least a couple of years. We also have business plans to generate more revenues for the project that makes it self-sustainable.
  • Q2: We are currently in the boom of the NFT market, which revolutionizes all DeFi with its authentication features an indefinite value. Do you think that the NFTs provided in My Defi Pet will be able to compete and keep up with a market that is in full development?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: NFTs in My DeFi Pet are not just regular NFT that can be traded, but it also has the key access to the upcoming Play2Earn features. Players having the NFTs from My DeFi Pet would be able to earn tokens while playing when the Play2Earn features are released. Players with strong NFT pets would be able to lend or sell to generate profits for the players. Our team is developing the marketplace that allows all the pet trading. With just a few steps of integration, our marketplace would be integrated into other NFT marketplaces to expand the market. Just a little hint, holding good pets in the game would give you advantages in the Play2Earn features…
  • Q3: I understand that My DeFi Pet is in its early stages. Can you tell us what your plans are for 2021? What are the needs that My DeFi Pet will cover in the market? What features does My DeFi Pet have?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: The roadmap will be updated shortly this week or early next week on our website. A few sneak peeks here, the game will introduce more in-game contents that have Play2Earn integrated, such as PVP Battle, Campaign Mode, Daily Quest, etc. Also, we have a full marketing campaign for this release that will target different market regions around the world as well as strengthen the current markets we have.

3. Section 3: Live questions

  • Q1: I see that My DeFi Pet work under 2 blockchain Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain, could you explain why using 2 chains for a NFT game? Especially KardiaChain, why using KardiaChain?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: As I mentioned earlier, KardiaChain is a blockchain project that focuses on interoperability to connect different blockchain networks together. KardiaChain has its own manner that have many advantages such as max TPS 6000 and extremely low transaction fee. Also, KardiaChain is EVM compatible. With those two advantages, users playing in KardiaChain network would not basically need to worry about transaction cost because it’s nearly zero. That would create a great gaming experience.
  • Q2: Are any audit reports done by sources outside of your project? Smart contracts are known to be prone to bugs, bugs, or hacks. So how is the security system of My Defi Pet structured?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: Smart contracts of DPET tokens and NFT pet have been audited and passed by Solidity Finance. It’s totally secured.
  • Q3: My defi Pet game looks so good, but it also looks like it requires a some CPU power to work, so can you tell us what are the requirements to install it and run it? Will it be compatible with android and iOS?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: The game is currently playable on a web browser. We will release the mobile version at a later time. As of now, there are several mobile browsers that players could play on. However, do your own research when you play on those browsers as they are not part of My DeFi Pet team.
  • Q4: You said in the future you could add health tracking or entertainment app. Will it be possible to walk outside within the app and with my pet and get extra points?
  • Mr. John Nguyen: Yes. The idea is that your pet stats will grow depending on your activity. For example, if you work out often, your pet’s damage would increase. That feature won’t be released until the mobile version is released. So please stay tuned.

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